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  • chevron_rightCan I set up an Automatic (ACH) relationship for paying my assessment?
    Yes...Click here to download an ACH form.  Send the form into our office along with a copy of a voided check and we will set you up. 
    Form must be received by the 15th of the month to start at the beginning of the next month. 
    ACH Draft requests received after the 15th will start at the beginning of the following month. 
    The form can be faxed to 757-486-6988 or emailed to
  • chevron_rightWhen is Trash collection?
    Trash is picked up weekely on Thrusday mornings. 
    Recycling is picked every other week on Thursdays as well.
  • chevron_rightHow do I order a Resale Disclosure Package?
    Go to the Resales page and click on the "HomeWiseDocs" link.
    Fill in the requested information and we will prepare your disclosure package.
  • chevron_rightHow long does it take to get a Resale Disclosure Package?

    The State allows us up to 14 days to execute a resale disclosure package once we receive the order.  This time enables us to complete the required inspection and get all the documents prepared and sent.
    If you need it sooner you can order an "Expedited" package for an additional $50.  Expedited packages are completed in 5 days or less.
  • chevron_rightHow much does a Resale Disclosure Package cost?
    Costs for the Disclosure package are controlled by the State.  The costs charged are as follows:

    Item                                                 Amount                       Who typically pays

    Electronic Disclosure package         $125.00                        Seller
    Hard Copy                                         $  25.00                        Seller  
    Resale Inspection                             $100.00                        Seller
    Post Closing/New Account Setup    $  50.00                        Buyer
    These costs are paid at closing
  • chevron_rightAm I allowed to have a charcoal or gas grill?
    The Board of Directors wants the community to have the most current and accurate information pertaining to the use of gas, electric and charcoal grills.  
    BACKGROUND.  As the entire community is aware, there has been much discussion devoted recently to the subject of grilling within Sommerton.  The Board of Directors has been researching this issue since its last meeting on 18 June 2015, paying due diligence to ensure that factual information is provided to the Sommerton Community Association members. 
    Drawing on information from PMA, Mr. Roy Beskin (administering agent for our Master Insurance Policy), and the City of Chesapeake Fire Marshall, the following is provided:
    1.  The previously discussed and/or referenced Fire Code information was for multi-unit/multi-family condominiums (think of an apartment building).  As for Sommerton, while ownership is condominium the structures are designed and approved as single family townhomes.  This designation provides our community with an R5 rating and places no Fire Code restrictions on grilling. 
    2.  The insurance underwriters, especially for those companies providing high-value, low cost preferred policies such as the one enjoyed by Sommerton, follow a more restrictive set of standards on this issue that includes limitations on the use of gas or charcoal grills (there are no restrictions on electric grills) and the storage of propane tanks.  While the insurance carrier would cover any claims resulting from grill use outside of these limitations, the association would run the subsequent risk of policy cancellation and a replacement policy from an underwriter with less restrictive standards would result in premiums 50% - 75% higher that would also include higher deductibles and other non-favorable stipulations and requirements.
    ACTION.  The following rules and regulations, having been stipulated to by the Board of Directors in clarification of Sections 5.8A(2) and 5.8A(20) of the Sommerton Condominium Association By-Laws, are effective immediately:
    1.  Gas Grills.  Full-sized, open flame propane gas grills, as well as smaller, travel or camp-style stoves, are permitted for use in the community. 
         a.  Operation.  All grills and stoves using propane gas, regardless of size, must be a minimum of ten feet (10') from any flammable structure while in use or cooling down after use.  While the hardiplank used in unit construction at Sommerton is a non-flammable cement composite, intense heat could eventually ignite the wood framework behind it. Therefore, operation of the grill must be at least 10 feet from the Home and Fence.
         b.  Storage.  The large, propane tanks for the full-sized gas grills can not be stored inside a garage or unit.  The small, 1.02 pound propane tanks (maximum water capacity of 2.7 pounds) may be stored in a garage with a limit of two (2) tanks.  All grills, regardless of size, must be disconnected from their fuel source when not in use.
    2.  Electric Grills are permitted for use in the community without restriction.
    3.  Charcoal Grills.  The use of charcoal grills in units is strictly prohibited due to the fire hazard posed by wind-blown hot ash and/or insufficient cool-down of burning charcoal prior to disposal in trash receptacles.  Charcoal grilling is permitted at the community pavilion.
    For The Board of Directors,
    Terry G. Whalen, Secretary